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    Is Steve Jobs Really Sick? Or Really Healthy?

    July 24, 2008

    Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is sick. The reason is that during his WWDC iPhone 3G announcement keynote, Jobs arised to have lost weight since the last iPhone rollout a year ago. But has another theory: What whether Jobs lost weight considering he’s SUPER HEALTHY? In the past 30 years, public have become so sick and so fat from eating crappy junk food that the only instance we see someone really thin is when they’re dying of cancer (also caused by junk food). Jobs, on the other hand, apparently doesn’t eat junk food. His diet is reportedly rich in dark-green veggies and plenty of fresh fruit. Such a diet helps ward off cancer (which Jobs had a brush with in recent years), and will additionally build you ward off the lard that so many other CEOs carry around. Should Wall Street be concerned about Jobs’ health? I say no. The guy will probably live to be 120.