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    Quickie review: Brain Challenge by Gameloft

    July 24, 2008

    Brain Challenge by Gameloft

    Gameloft’s Brain Challenge gives your brain a workout while playing various mini-games.  The games are geared towards 5 areas of your brain (logic, math, memory, visual and focus).  The stress games plus develops your stress management skills.  There are 9 “creativity” exercises that promotes your artistic side.  The difficulty level adjusts to your play history. so it’s nice that you can have up to 5 profiles saved to the game for multiple players (that is, whether you trust them with your iPhone).  Figuring out how to play each game is pretty much straightforward, whether not the tutorial is helpful.

    I would highly recommend that game for all ages.  You are getting 43 games for the price of one, which is always a bonus.  The menus are easy to navigate through and the animations are colorful.  The touch screen allows you to reply the question much more quickly.  particularly when you are getting timed on everything.   It’s nice that the game keeps a history of your brain chart so you can compare your progress day to day.

    Brain Challenge by Gameloft

    However, there are some drawbacks to the game.  One is the screens within the games are unnecessary and instance consuming.  After finishing up a game, you spend about 10 seconds for the game to wrap up before it takes you back to the main menu.  thereupon once you pick a game it takes about another 10 seconds to load up.  additionally if  you get a phone signal in the middle of a game, it interrupts the game.  soon after you have to go through the whole loading process again just to get back; to be fair, that is more to do with how Apple insists third-party applications manage memory, rather than a problem with Brain Challenge, but either way it’s still frustrating.  whether you get a text report, you have the option to close the info rather than leave the game.  That’s not so poor.

    Unlocking all the games can be a lengthy and tedious operation, but you are actually excercising your brain in the process.  The game is highly addictive, so beware.