Author: Doug

Portable NES and SNES

Ok, so just came across one of the sweetest things ever made!  I grew up in the world of Nintendo, yes the NES.  Nintendo Enterntainment System.  You got the Original Mario Brothers and all that jazz.  I currently work as a teacher and when I asked some students about the original Nintendo, their comment was oh ya the N64.  After a good laugh I was bound to educated them a bit.


PGA Tour 15

Hi again.  Review time!  This one is the new PGA Tour 15.  I was so pumped that it came out and was super excited to start to play it.  It has an online sync mode which I love to play with my buddy Brian when he has time (he owns and runs an Akron Carpet Cleaning business and tries to make time to get his butt whipped).  So far it has been amazing.  Get ready for the sweet review!