Its been awhile my friends

Hi folks…its been a long ass time since i’ve updated this page.  I need to get a crackin on it.  My buddy Brian – the one that owns – told me I need to update some things here.  So the next lil product I will be speaking about is the BACtracker.  You can buy this from Best Buy, Target, other electronic stores and the such.


Here is a picture of this beauty.  I just purchased it myself from Best Buy.  It runs around $100 but in my mind is well worth it.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone drinking and driving.  The thing I worry about is that one of these sexy things makes you feel like you are able to drive when you shouldn’t.

The process is pretty easy to follow.  You would turn on the BACtracker until there are green lights blinking on the device.  Since it goes with an Iphone – possibly android – you would control it through your phone.  You tell the user to take a deep breathe until the phone says the device is ready.  Then you blow until the phone says to stop.

Once the user is done then the phone will spit out what the BAC % is.  For most of you that may read this, the current legal level is below .08%.  For those with CDLs I believe the level is around .02%   Not sure if that is totally accurate but I think it is pretty darn close.

The big negative I can see with this sort of thing is the people that feel like they aren’t intoxicated but blow way over the limit.  The other half are the ones that are intoxicated but since they blew under that limit of .08% that they are ok.  That is def. not true!

Overall, I think this is a good product that can help with cutting down on all the drunk drivers out there!


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