Portable NES and SNES

Ok, so just came across one of the sweetest things ever made!  I grew up in the world of Nintendo, yes the NES.  Nintendo Enterntainment System.  You got the Original Mario Brothers and all that jazz.  I currently work as a teacher and when I asked some students about the original Nintendo, their comment was oh ya the N64.  After a good laugh I was bound to educated them a bit.

Ok, so here is what I found.  I’ll try to attach some pics.

Portable SNES

Portable NES

Wow!  This thing looks amazing.  Now, I have no clue how big this item is or if it’s so tiny you can’t see.  But it has some cords that you can plug into other televisions too.

I am the guy that downloads the games on a computer and tries to play them that way.  Which makes it fun but you can never play against anyone else.  Plus the controller I have for it sucks too.  I do like how you can edit the games.

My favorite all-time NES game is Tecmo Super Bowl.  On my computer, I went in and edited my teams so that they were kind of updated into the new rosters and colors and such.  That part is awesome, but nothing beats the original.

I also loved playing two player games like Super C or double dragon 2.  It was fun to take on a partner and battle your way to the end.  I think with this little gadget, that can make it fun again!.

We just might have to wait and see if I decide to pull the trigger on the purchase.  I’ll have to do some more research and see if it’s something I can handle!

Watch out NES, I’m coming back!

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