Power Pressure Cooker XL

Ok, so I am one of those guys that occasionally watches some infomercials.  I’ve been known to make some dumb purchases here and there.  My latest dumb purchase is a Power Pressure Cooker XL.

Of course, by dumb I mean, it’s the greatest thing ever!  I love using this thing.  I already have a few times and its fantastic.

Here is a picture:

Power Pressure Cooker XL

I’ve used it probably 5-6 times already.  Since I work in a school, I prep my meals on the weekend.  Lately i’ve been on a rice kick.  This thing cooks the rice in 20 minutes and it always comes out fantastic.  If you were cooking on a stove you’d have to watch the water, boiling, and make sure it doesn’t burn, plus it’s on the stove top for 50 min.  When you have it sitting on the stove top you are losing a lot of energy because 100% of the heat doesn’t get transferred to the pot.  Now, i’m talking about brown rice, white rice is a lil different.


Chicken in this thing is wonderful!  I used to cook chicken on the stove top for my lunch prep.  It would take about 2 hours to cook it all the way through.  The pressure cooker did the same amount in about 20-25 minutes.  This chicken wasn’t even all the way thawed out either.  Once the chicken was done I dumped out all the water and threw some barbecue and hot sauce into the pressure cooker.  this was an easy way to blend the chicken and some sauce.  I let it cook for a few minutes and it was good to go!


The only veggies I tried to cook was broccoli.  This didn’t turn out so well, it was really mushy and wet.  I thought I read somewhere if the item is frozen to just double the time.  Well, instead of the 2 minutes needed i set it for 4.  I think i might have had too much water in there too, that could have caused the issue.


I am pumped to try this thing with chili.  I cook chili in the crockpot and it takes like 6 hours.  That is so long!  I do know that sometimes chili is better the longer you cook it but i don’t know, six hours is still forever.  I might try some chili this weekend.


A pressure cooker is awesome!  I plug mine in so I use electricty and it doesn’t seem like any power or heat is wasted.  The pots are easy to clean and so far i’ve had zero issues.  Just have to make sure to be careful with the steam that flows out when you are done.



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