NCAA College Football

EA Sports dominates the sporting realm when it comes to video games.  My favorite series has been NCAA College Football.  That is, until 2014.  What happened you may ask?  Well Read on and I shall tell the story.

Thanks for being curious.  First thing I would like to say is that NCAA College Football was the best game ever created.  I remember playing some of these way back on the Sega Genesis.  Found a pic to put on here too.

College Football 1996
This was my favorite game back then and up until 2014 I think i had every year. Well this and NBA Live dominated the Sega.

So what happened?

Well, some greedy college athletes decided that a free education wasn’t enough.  They petitioned and filed lawsuits that said they deserve to get paid for having their likeness used.  Basically, the case wasn’t exactly won, but EA Sports said screw this, we are done dealing with such a dumb issue and we will just drop the franchise.  I guess I can understand their feelings on the matter. Why keep putting money into it when one possible judge could decide or rule with the athletes and their goes your money.

What I liked:

The recruiting process was awesome.  You had an amount you could pitch to recruits each week.  You could pick different pitches and try to sway them to increase their rankings.  It was fun and tricky at the same time.  Sometimes a persuasion led to the recruit saying no way.  You just cost yourself a recruit.

The game itself was fun.  Sometimes games have glitches where you can do the same thing over and over and it starts to get old.  The computer AI was pretty intelligent that they could score on you if you tried stuff like that.

Online play was fun too.  Sometimes we would have some connection issues but when it worked it was awesome.  You could play against your buddy even though they were 5 hours away.  You could set up online leagues and have a season or dynasty.  We had one with 12 people that got crazy.  Dudes playing each other every week and crazy results.  Recruiting became tougher and tougher, probably like real like.  Sometimes recruiting against the computer was easy, but against other players made it tough.

I reallllly hope that they can come out with a new one.  Just read that a judge said that EA could possibly decide to make a new game if they want.  Crossing my fingers!

Here is the last one that i was able to play.


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