NBA2k15 – History of Basketball Games

Ok, so it looks like I want to stay on the Xbox1 theme for a little while within this gizmos and gadgets page.  Today I want to discuss the basketball game that came out last year.  NBA2k15 is the game I am talking about.

Ok, so NBA basketball has been a big ticket item when it comes to gaming.  I remember one of the first big series to come out was like Bulls vs Lakers.  Here you could pick playoff teams and play some basketball on the old Sega Genesis.

Bulls Vs Lakers


Yep, that’s the picture!  First put on by EA Sports back in the day.  They also had like Lakers vs Celtics and stuff like that.  This wasn’t the first series though.  I remember a Jordan vs Bird basketball game, a Magic Johnson came for Nintendo, and the best Nintendo basketball game – Tecmo NBA Basketball.  Occasionally, i’ll get a simulator and play some of those old school games.

After a few years, we got an upgrade with the NBA Live series.  NBA Live 95 was my favorite.  I loved the fact that they kept yearly statistics.  I feel like my team was the Rockets with mad max and hakeem.  There was even like a little code you could put in which would freeze the game except for your highlighted player.  You could run around and shoot.  Little percentages would come up and tell you if you were going to make the shot or not.

Fast Forward ————————————————–

Now we have some killer graphics, online opponents, great storylines, and a fantastic overall game.  The new systems make the games seem almost real.  I remember the first time I put in NBA2K15, it looked like i was watching highlights on espn.


Ok, so here are some likes about NBA2k15.  First thing I liked was how you played in a warmup game that impacted how you would get drafted.  If you played well, you could get drafted high.  If you sucked it up, you might not have gotten drafted at all.  Then once you made a team you were given hardly any play time.  You had to make an impact in the game to earn more time.  Plus you had little story lines along the way.  You had to make some choices on how you answered questions at the news conferences.  It actually added some depth to the game.  I liked the upgrade system where you could choose what to upgrade.  The first game in the series let you add individual upgrades.  This one grouped them together and upgraded like 10 factors with each point.  I thought that was easier and a faster way to get better.


I don’t think I even made it a full season.  Some games are just plain out boring.  When you do start to play a lot the games can take forever.  I had to jump up the minutes per game into the 10-12 range just so I could get some points/money.  If you are used to playing short games you will never earn enough coin to get upgrades.


If you like basketball games, check it out.  I would however say that the new NBA2k16 did just come out.  Instead of getting 15, i’d just jump on the ol’ 16 bandwagon.

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