Hi Folks, First actual Post

Hi folks, this here is the first actual post I am putting up on the lovely website.  I love the idea and theme of this page so we will keep it rolling.


The first gizmo and gadget I would like to talk about is ……  wait for it…… waiiiiitttt



Hmm, trying to figure out how to put up a picture here, but not sure, haha.  Will have to do some research on that idea.


Anyways, xbox one is the first target we are talking about.  I for one, have one!  I got mine back in December of 2013.  Bought it from good ol’ Amazon.com.  You can check it out by clicking on the link above.  That is a referral code from me, so if you do decide to buy that thing, i will make a tiny, tiny amount of money.  Soooo anywho!


Why the Xbox1 is sweet:

  1. The first reason is that it looks sleek and sexy.  In the past some of these game designs have been crappy and bulky.  You will try to hide it because it just looks disgusting.  But this sucker looks nice.  It’s like…look people, come check me out
  2. The game-play is amazing!  I know this is probably the biggest reason people want to upgrade to the Xbox1.   I’ve been able to play quite a few games on this thing and they all look awesome.
  3. The non game play stuff is top of the line.  This would be things like Netflix, ESPN apps, movies.  I love downloading movies, saving them to a flash drive, and then sending the signal to the Xbox.  Plays like a charm.
  4. App usage.  On my smartphone (iphone5s) I downloaded an app which allows me to connect straight to the xbox1.  It serves as a remote control!  I can turn it off and on just from the touch of my phone.  Very convenient.
  5. The last point of why the xbox1 is sweet is the voice activation.  I love to walk into the room and say xbox on and the sucker turns on.  Pretty damn sweet!  When i’m done watching I just saw, xbox turn off and booooom, it shuts off.  You can’t beat that!

As any true review site, i’ll also tell you some things I don’t like.

  1. The kinect works like half the time.  I don’t know how big of a factor this is, if it even matters at all.  But for some reason, I want all aspects working all the time.  The kinect voice stuff is pretty awesome.  So when i’m saying xbox on, i expect it to come on.  It’s pretty sweet when I just walk into my basement (where I have it set up) and yell, xbox on and it instantly switches on the xbox, tv, and the cable box.  Simple!  I don’t have to hunt remotes or anything like that.  Since this is run through the kinect, it needs to work all the time.

That’s really my only complaint about the product.  Be sure to check it out if you don’t already have one!
Xbox1 picture

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